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The SEO Process

This is the SEO (search engine optimisation) process this tool follows.

These are the four main steps of "the SEO process" (the process of search engine optimisation). SEO is aimed at improving the website's quality (technically and content-wise) and thus resulting in better search engine rankings. Usually the process is initiated with an audit to guide planning and prioritisation of SEO tasks.

The SEO process used by this tool.

  1. Every website has a bunch of technical issues that should be fixed first.
  2. Then we focus on finding keywords and phrases people search for a lot.
  3. We create new content or improve existing content focusing on the keywords.
  4. Finally, we get web links to our new/improved content (also know as backlinks).

At the moment the features released to the public focus on phases 1 and 2 of the SEO process. Development is ongoing and new features are added every day.

Search Visibility 2023-05-29 Demo Mode

This visibility graph is a random real-time live sample of one of the websites using our technology. Every website using our technology gets access to several years worth of visibility history for free.

The visibility of a domain can help understand how SEO efforts are going over time. It also allows comparison of relative visibility between websites. It is determined by monitoring all the keywords a domain ranks for and their respective position and search volumes as well as expected clicks for the search position.

YoY Visibity Gain/Loss: 20.04%

If you want search visibility information beyond the past year*, please contact us.

If you would like a detailed explanation of the visibility on any specific date (or date range), please get in touch with us to research it for you. All in-depth detail ranking data is available to provide full explanations.

Some Statistics

Here are some key fact about our system.

Websites Active
URLs Visited
URLs Fixed
URLs Approved
Keywords Managed
Keywords Mapped
URLs Optimised
Titles Optimised
Descriprions Optimised

UFO UFO Scan 03:50:25

Our UFOs zoom from page to page scanning them, nothing to worry about here, we do not abduct pages very often.

Latest UFO scan: https://www.stoneycnc.com/4mm-cut-high-quality-alu-cutting-endmill-1-flute-6mm-shank-6mm-cut-depth-no-82077010/a5653


How to make our UFOs scan your site?

Help - Getting StartedTo let our UFOs know about your website, simply add following code to the bottom of each page on your site (right before the closing </body> tag).

Click on the video thumbnail to the right for a help video on how to get started with our free SEO tool. If you need more help, please contact Steve directly via the chat feature at the bottom of the page. AI video created with Synthesia.

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